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Image of a building that says data has a better idea.

Growing your Marketing using Analytics and AI

Analytics and AI represent immense opportunities for marketing departments.  Dozens of brands have tapped into these trends to curve aggressive marketing strategies. Heading into the ...
This has a picture of a medical worker without a face who is wearing a telephone headset. There is also a cartoon image of an ambulance next to them.

Medical On Hold Messages: What to say to waiting patients

Telephone On-hold messages for medical centres are pivotal to maintaining and improving patient services. It doesn’t matter whether your patients are calling for enquiries, appointments, ...
A point of sales system used for a customer loyalty program.

Proven Customer Loyalty Strategies to Keep Them Coming Back

Is there anything better than getting a new customer? Some would say that it is getting two new ones — that’s a good answer but ...

VoIP Phone Systems: Features That Can Help You Engage Difficult Customers On Hold

Difficult customers are indeed “difficult” to deal with because they’re often angry and impatient. And it becomes even more difficult when you can’t avoid putting ...

Sonic Branding Strategies That Can Be Applied To Business

With sonic branding, you can use sound to define your brand identity and reach out to your audience. An increasing number of marketers have realised ...

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is all about making sure that your services and products are meeting the expectations of your customers. You want satisfied customers because happy ...
IVR trends 2019

2019 Trends for Interactive Voice Response

A lot of small businesses these days are switching to IVR, as the need for interactive voice response has become more apparent and the service ...
Pragmatic in store marketing expectation vs reality

Pragmatic In Store Marketing: Expectation vs. Reality

It’s not mine to overestimate the hyper-competitive space in today’s marketing. However, behind every business success is an aggressive marketing strategy.  The digital landscape has ...

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