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Top 7 Tips for Choosing the Greatest Background Music for Your Store

If you are a store owner, one of your main goals is to increase the profits for your company. This can be tough, especially in a day and age where so many people shop online instead of in the actual store. However, for those who do come into your store, there are many things you can do as business owners, marketing managers, marketing experts, or other business professionals to increase customer sales.

Did you know that the background music used in your store can increase your business profits? Keep reading for 7 tips on how you can choose the greatest background music for your store – starting today!

1. Targeting Your Customers

How do you choose the greatest retail store playlist? As business owners, marketing managers, or other business professionals, one of the things you need to do is target your customers. This includes performing a client or customer analysis. This can be done in many ways. Some of the things that you can do include the following:

  • Send out surveys asking customers what music they enjoy
  • Watch for customer behavioral traits and characteristics
  • Figure out who your target demographics are

When you do these things, you can more closely align the in store music to best resonate with your target your customers.

2. Creating a Music Profile

Many marketing experts look closely at what music they can play to grab the attention of their customers. Some people don’t realise that the music playing in a store is actually attracting them to or causing them to avoid that store. This is on a subconscious level for some of your customers. Other people do realise what they are listening to. Either way, it is important to create a music profile that will attract more customers to your store and get them to stay longer.

You can play a number of songs. However, it is highly recommended to have a Top 40 customer music profile. This should be a mixture of music that will fit any customer. This type of playlist won’t have offensive music on it. Generally, it will have music that is happy-go-lucky and fun. On the other hand, one problem with this type of playlist is that it can be bland. You could narrow down the playlist to include more branded music. For example, if you sell crystals or natural remedies, you may want to include deeper connection music.

If you are looking for help in creating this music profile, you can contact us at Evolved Sound. We are here for those shopping for professional audio marketing services. We can help you fine-tune your customer music playlist.

3. Getting the Perfect Songs

You should always focus on the needs and wants of your customers. When it comes to picking out background music for retail stores, your first consideration must be what will your customers like? With this being said, you must also consider how the music affects your employees. Think about it. If your employees go to work and they hate the music that is playing, they probably won’t be in a great mood. This negativity will show to your customers and could lead to poor customer service ratings.

There is a happy medium. Here at Evolved Sound, our marketing experts can help you to determine how many songs should be part of your background music playlist and what songs should be played. In some stores, between 300 and 400 songs would be great, but they need to be tailored to fit the main feel of your business. If you would like fewer songs, there will be more repetition, but we can help to ensure the music fits your brand and the needs of your customers at the same time.

4. Splitting Music Up Throughout the Day

Depending on your store’s brand, when it comes to music played in stores, our Evolved Sound marketing experts might recommend you split the type of music up throughout the day. For instance, if you are open from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m., the music that is played earlier in the day might be lighter. The music that is played in the evening or later in the day might be more fun and upbeat.

5. Acoustics in the Store

Another thing to be considered when trying to choose the greatest background music is the acoustics in your store. Many business owners overlook this detail. When this is overlooked, the music that plays can sound very rough, echoed, or even annoying. We don’t want this for your store.

As marketing experts, we will ensure that the acoustics in your store are taken into consideration when choosing your retail stores playlist.

6. Placement of the Speakers

Also, consider the placement of the speakers in your store. In the majority of stores, the speakers are 15 feet high in the ceiling and they don’t sound that great. As a business owner, it is important that the music you are playing is being delivered to your customers evenly across the store. It doesn’t need to be overbearing or extremely loud, but your customers should be able to hear the lyrics and sound well.

As leading providers of audio marketing services, we recommend that the speakers in your store are placed approximately 8 to 9 feet off from the floor. If possible, they should be mounted in the wall instead of the ceiling.

7. Consistency is Key

Last, but not least, it is very important that the music you are playing is consistent. Once you find the mass personality of your customer base, you can determine what type of music fits best. After you nail this down, make sure the background music playlist is consistent with that type of music. Anywhere you play music for your business be it online or through advertising, that music should always fit the same style played in your store.


Now that you have the top 7 tips for choosing the greatest background music for your store, you can start increasing customer sales and customer satisfaction today. For all those shopping for professional audio marketing services, our Evolved Sound marketing experts are here for you.

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