Music Selection Advice

As is most instances when it comes to your business, IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU! 

You and your staff most likely have your own musical preferences, but are they the same as your customer base?  They say that you should always dress for the job you want.  This is pretty much the same idea.

As a business owner or manager you simply can’t keep up with all the latest music trends and efficiently manage technology to play it in your store. The team at Evolved Sound make qualified recommendations as to which selections will resonate with your customers and translate into improved business.  We have access to music globally which encompasses everything from Top 40, Jazz and Dance to Rock and so much more.  If the music is for in store, your retail music playlist should have at least 1000+ tracks in it, and be regularly and automatically refreshed without your intervention. You should also have the option to mix in some sharp promotional In Store Advertisements between music tracks.

Popular Evolved Sound In Store Music Playlists

Custom Commercial Channel

Other: If none of the above existing proven retail store playlists are suitable, there is an option to create your own:

This can include:

Listen and Scroll through our latest in store music HIT PICKs & CLASSIC tunes…

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