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Evolved TV is designed to increase sales, enhance brand awareness, automate promotions and respond to trends via your very own TV station. Evolved TV empowers you to make the most of your screens, converting them into unique experiences with measurable results.

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Tailored Music Videos

Evolved TV can be powered as a full entertainment system. With the option for Tailored Music Video Playlists, combined with dynamic live content, information and promotions; you now can raise the customer experience to a whole new level.

Easy Setup & Control

From one site to a network of screens we make it super easy to design, schedule and showcase promotional images, audio and video. Spark the interest of customers at the right times and enjoy measurable business improvements.

Live Content Feeds

For maximum engagement your screens can overlay live news, sport, weather or traffic feeds. Viewers are more likely to watch a screen that displays the latest dynamically updated content.

Tailored Mood Enhancing

From raising morale to setting the right tone, Evolved TV supports catchy, extreme, fun or mood enhancing programming. Let us help create the best atmosphere for your environment.

Reliable & Secure

Playback equipment includes enterprise grade security, firewall & password policies, player lockdown and storage encryption. Save time and costs by remotely managing all screens through robust technology with no moving parts.

Superior Service

All Visual Advertising & Content Updates are supplied electronically, for automatic download at each site. Evolved TV is only complete when you are 100% happy with the end result!

Are you?

Evolved TV helps you cleverly engage, connect and entertain your target customers with your own visual experience.  Evolved TV has proven to deliver amazing results throughout leisure centres, builder display homes, entertainment venues and general retail shops to name a few.

Evolved TV Packages include

Industry Examples

Corporate Communications
Retail, Hospitality, Cafes & Bars
Entertainment Venues & Clubs

FAQ - Evolved TV

You can easily display images, documents, PowerPoint files, web pages, social media widgets, videos – or combine such elements together to create a unique playlist or screen layout. We also support playing YouTube videos and live streaming content such RSS news feeds. All document formats are supported including PDF, slides, PowerPoint, MS Word or Excel etc. Widgets can allow easy dynamic content integration including Scrolling Ticker Text, Rich Text and RSS Feeds from live news or sport feeds just to name a few.

This is not recommended for business purposes as it will let you down and make the whole process more stressful. It also won’t give you remote administration and scalability of content management.

At best most TVs will just allow you to play a sequence of USB files sequentially. That’s all! If the TV turns off this type of traditional playback would need to be manually restarted. Evolved TV has too many benefits to list. In summary we help you automate the process, turning the TV on at certain times, showing different content at different times of the day and full support of pre-saved static and live dynamic content.

You need an Evolved TV playback device which is permanently connected to the internet for monitoring playback and managing content.  

Evolved TV supports any type of monitor or TV resolution, including widescreen. It supports a primary resolution of 1920×1080 which is known as “Full HD” or “1080p” plus. We also support 4K. Plus we support multiple orientations which means you can easily display in portrait or landscape mode.

You can get set up with any standard Smart TV, however for best results professional grade screens will always be the best choice, offering more reliability for continuous usage.

Yes . Evolved TV supports offline playback capabilities for short periods of time, however the system should be permanently connected to the internet. All downloadable content (pictures, videos, documents etc) will be downloaded to your Evolved TV player, so losing internet connection will not impact the playback schedule. The internet can not be offline forever though. The internet will still be required again to make new content changes, monitoring and technical updates. When the device is connected back to the internet, it will sync any changes made to the Evolved TV portal since it became offline. Content that requires live connection such as YouTube, social media and live RSS feeds will be interrupted if the internet access is lost.

Evolved TV uses bank-grade security encryption, and the software is always firewalled, even within your network. We also can provide the option for advanced users to customise security features to higher levels.

YES! We support the ability to create like a 2×2 or 3×3 matrix video wall, with almost any layout you can imagine.

Evolved TV starts by first working backwards to understand your business, marketing and customer experience objectives. This will help us develop an integrated tailored solution that will bring your content ideas to life. Evolved TV was engineered with simplicity and affordability in mind.  From easily managing a visual marketing campaign across multiple screens to having everything fully managed we just make it happen with little fuss, and with full support as you need it. We can also directly assist with complimentary services including overhead background music with advertising and telephone on hold messages.
Once installed, your content can be easily managed by your designated administrator through a username and password or fully managed by Evolved Sound. Access to the Evolved TV portal can be granted on a need to access basis for maximum security. We can also create granulated access levels for different people. For example if you want a marketing person to be responsible for content on certain screens and the food & beverage person only to be across changing menu content this is all possible. You could give a graphics person access to just upload new content and creating schedules or layouts. Evolved TV makes managing users and permissions super easy. Evolved TV runs off the back of a cloud based solution, so as long as you have internet connectivity and access you can change anything, anytime, anywhere.

Yes – whether you have 1 screen, 4 screens or 100s, Evolved TV is flexible and easily scalable. Upgrade or downgrade at anytime!

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