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IVR Recording Service

When Telephone On Hold Messages are not required the Evolved IVR Service is perfect for recording phone prompts spanning After Hours, Auto Attendant, Interactive Voice Response or Voicemail Messages.

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Purchase Outright

Fixed price service which is charged in accordance with the total recorded running time of the confirmed script.

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Talented Voices​

Your messages are recorded by our industry leading voiceover artists. Professionals who understand how to talk with your callers, not at them in warm, friendly and relatable voices.

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Pristine Recordings

Your IVR recordings will be produced to our highest quality standards to ensure optimal clarity through all types of telephones. You’ll receive a consistent and quality sound throughout all your customer contact points.

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Precise Conversions

Finished IVR phone voice recordings are converted in the required client format and supplied electronically for correct and reliable playback.

IVR Recording Service includes

Mix of Phone Prompt Demos
  • IVR / Auto Attendant 00:00
Male IVR Demos
  • Paul 00:00
  • William 00:00
  • Shane 00:00
  • Reginald 00:00
Female IVR Demos
  • Anna 00:00
  • Sandy 00:00
  • Mel 00:00
  • Bella 00:00

FAQ - IVR Recordings

Yes! We can provide a professional script writing service to polish what you have or write completely new phone messages from the information you provide.
Our service can produce professional phone prompts to suite traditional PBX business phone systems, VoIP cloud phone systems and smart phones. Regardless of the type of phones or callers to your business, we always ensure optimal playback quality.

For our Evolved IVR Service we charge against the finished running time of all recordings delivered. If you read your message script from top to tail continuously at the speed it should flow, this would provide an estimation of total running time. Please contact us for an exact quotation to suit your requirements.

1: Simply choose which voice from our website you would like to proceed with (choose 1st and 2nd preference if urgent). 2: Provide your final written script for recording (outlining any tricky words or pronunciations). 3: Advise of the technical file format you require the recordings to be converted to for loading into your phone system. We’ll then take care of the rest. It’s that easy!

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