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Person playing chello at front of a luxury retail store.

Measuring ROI from your In-Store Music Program

Implementing an in store music program, also called a retail store music system, offers many benefits when you choose the right music and advertising mix. ...
Female contact centre worker wearing a headset.

Contact Centres – Proven Customer Experience Strategies

The customer experience is at the heart of every business, but it’s not always easy to deliver. Achieving an exceptional customer experience isn’t just about ...

Latest In Store and by Phone Brand Loyalty Strategies

Brand loyalty is customers’ tendency to choose your brand and products over competitors regardless of their advertising and price variations. While it’s crucial for companies ...
Two receptionists placing callers on hold

How to Measure the Value in On Hold Messages

For many firms on hold messages are an unavoidable evil. Although most customers despise hearing them, they are unavoidable for doing business. Many businesses don’t ...

How to Create The Ultimate Shopper Experience With In-Store Marketing

If retail were a game, then data would be the player’s guide. That’s because understanding who your shoppers are and what they like to do ...

The Essential Guide to Proven Customer Retention Strategies

Let’s face it: customer acquisition is tough and getting tougher. There are plenty of articles out there that explain why, but suffice to say that ...
Aerial view of boilers within a food processing plant.

Food Factory On Hold Messages – The Essential Caller Ingredients

It’s advisable to pour custom on hold messages into the mix when it comes to call holding for a food factory. These voice clips can ...
Two men being interviewed within a podcast studio. There is also a professional photographer on the left of the room.

The Many Benefits of Podcast Advertising

This amazing new platform creates an amazing new option for advertising. Podcast advertising is a simple yet effective way to reach a huge demographic; similar ...

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