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Why would anyone want to sign up to phone system features that you don’t need on a platform that is worse than your existing system?

There is some panic and push in the market place to force businesses on to new VOIP cloud based phone systems.

Some business telephone companies are running around saying that when the NBN arrives to your street your current phone system won’t work so you must upgrade now. This is often a scare tactic to get you to spend up big and sign a crazy contract to a new deal with limited benefits.

We recommend to most businesses that they carry out detailed research and planning in this area. Taking advice from companies with a vested interest in their products, or who may be receiving kickbacks from specific phone system companies may not be the best solution for your business.

Our clients often turn to Evolved Sound about upgrading their phone system.

We aim to share some general tips and ideas to help you make the right decisions in this area.

General Phone System Advice & Considerations

When upgrading your business phone system here are some important considerations to take into account.

Other capabilities of a new phone system include:

An old dinosaur of a business phone system may be holding your business back severely, and a new one could be that well-earned boost your business needs.

Cloud Based Phone System Considerations

Traditional PBX Phone System Considerations

(central control unit in your office where all your handsets connect into)

Evolved Sound has years of experience working with just about every type of business phone system. We know what you should be looking for in the market place and we know how to keep it simple. If you are currently experiencing lower than preferred call quality, or feel you are missing out on important phone system features we recommend you attend to this sooner than later.

For practical and impartial advice about business grade phone systems, contact Evolved Sound anytime for the right advice.

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