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When you’ve been in the game as long as us...

Plenty of specialist in store music, music on hold, messages on hold, IVR, retail music system and voice over companies have come and gone.

Our ongoing success is attributed to always setting the highest standards throughout all our voice and music productions. We have an underlying commitment to continued improvement and of course, superior customer support.

A Little History

In 1998, Evolved Sound began as a new media, IT and marketing business geared towards improving the efficiency, impact and marketability of business through technology and creative acumen. Initially, the provision of specialty sound services which includes on hold messages, custom radio stations, voice overs and web audios was only a product of our spare time. As result of rapid growth, coupled with the emergence of new technologies, Evolved Sound grew from strength to strength.

The team at Evolved Sound has developed their expertise in audio marketing solutions through industries including broadcasting and communication engineering.  Today, Evolved Sound is renowned for providing businesses with unique creative scripts, broadcast grade productions, immediate access to the best voice artists in town, easy to manage technology and an ever growing music library.  The results are exceptional packages, pricing and turnarounds that deliver outstanding and measurable outcomes.

About Evolved Sound - Track Record At-A-Glance

  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Music played on hold throughout a diverse range of organisations such as Government, multinational banks, public companies, fund managers and the medical sector.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Telephone on hold systems, IVR messages and voicemail recordings played to different types of callers globally.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Industry leading business music & messaging technology continually utilised by clients in single and multi office networks.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Evolved Radio powers countless music for retailers from car dealerships and boutique store brands to supermarkets and shopping centres.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Voice artists regularly record projects for messages on hold, radio commercials, overhead retail advertising, documentary narrations, cloud phone systems, phone prompts, IVR menus and web based audios. These services are provided to direct clients and by sub-contract or by partner arrangement.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Specialty audio products used for landmark applications including marine biology, legal recordings, emergency warning systems and scientific research.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Our leading systems deliver unique content arrangements, full dynamic programming and outstanding customer experiences.

From day one, Evolved Sound has progressively turned into a specialist media and digital marketing agency underpinned by innovative sound solutions. As we go well beyond simply providing off the shelf  sound services, we have a degree of flexibility and can best relate to a diverse range of clients to achieve outstanding business outcomes.

There is only one thing that remains the same over time, and that’s our burning desire to create leading solutions that run on reliable technology and continue to add value to all stakeholders.

There’s no smoke and mirrors at Evolved Sound!  Just a proven track of record and countless satisfied clients.

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