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Since 1998, we have been creating tailored media solutions that deliver measurable outcomes.

When you need to reduce telephone hang-ups, maximise communication opportunities in your store, and receive strategic marketing advice, Evolved Sound delivers results. We tailor marketing experiences for businesses, helping you build customer relationships, increase sales and sound fantastic.

Core Services

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On Hold Messages / On Hold Music

We deliver industry leading telephone on hold messages and on hold music solutions that allow Australian businesses to best capitalise on valuable caller waiting time.

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In Store Music

Our background music for retail solutions can help you creatively reach, influence and engage your target market with your own customised in store radio channel.

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IVR Recording Service

The Evolved IVR Service is perfect for recording phone prompts to suit After Hours, Auto Attendant, Interactive Voice Response or Voicemail Messages.

Evolved TV

Evolved TV is designed to increase sales, enhance brand awareness, automate promotions and respond to trends via your very own TV station.

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Expertise in customer relationship building through media marketing.

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Ongoing general marketing advice and help whenever you need it.

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A Money Back Guarantee on all our products and services

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