Message Recording Service

With information you provide, we craft your recorded phone on hold messages to meet your business, customer relationship, communications and marketing objectives.

The Evolved On Hold Message Recording Service includes:

We can then supply your finished message on hold recording in a specialised digital format or loaded into one of our Digital On Hold Systems. We also have the capacity to produce voice over IP (VoIP) ready messages on hold. If you’re running an Asterix Server, CISCO IP phones, Microsoft Teams, a fully internet hosted PBX or anything in between, Evolved Sound will ensure correct compatibility and the best playback sound quality. Our VoIP on hold messages are dynamically processed for optimal playback clarity over internet-based phone systems.

Custom produced on hold music and messages produced by Evolved Sound are licence free, so your business won’t be required to pay any additional fees to OneMusic Australia. This results in significant yearly savings, particularly when multiple lines exist. Please note that these same laws also apply to voice over IP (VoIP) based messages on hold playback.

Scripting Service - Key Steps

After learning the Unique Selling Points of your business, we then get to work!

Our experienced copywriters will create fully developed on hold messages that communicate information which can be beneficial to your callers and to your entire business. You shall exercise final script approval, while we make every attempt to meet and exceed your expectations!

Common Scripting Ideas...

The possibilities of tailored on hold messages are only limited by your imagination!

Evolved Tailored IVR

Spanning Voicemails, Phone Prompts and Welcome Greetings

We also offer other message recording services suitable for:

When it comes to customised recorded phone messages that welcome and educate your valued callers, Evolved Sound will ensure they are of exceptional quality without breaking the budget! From a small office with only a few lines, all the way to a medical centre with multiple consulting suites, we can tailor compelling messaging to empower your business.

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