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Cosmetic Surgeries: How To Enhance Caller Experience

If your cosmetic surgery business is new and experiencing some growth, you might have noticed an uptick in incoming calls and not enough time to answer all of them immediately. Whether it’s to schedule an appointment or to seek information on the procedures you offer, over-the-phone communication is a key point of contact between you and the patient. However, if your phones are ringing excessively at times, the client can be left hanging when you least expect it.

Within cosmetic clinics in particular, talking on the phone can be a time-consuming part of doing business, as the patients needs to have complete trust in every step of the process. In busier times, office staff might be occupied devoting their undivided attention to answering one client’s procedure questions in full detail … while other phones ring, unanswered, with more customers’ inquiries.

Waiting on hold can be an exasperating experience for a customer, but it doesn’t have to be. More and more, companies and clinics are transforming the formerly frustratingly bland minutes spent on hold into an educational experience for the caller, one that can inform as well as build trust in the brand. Think about it — you have a captive audience. Instead of waiting, your clients can be participating.

Medical on hold messages at clinics of all types almost always include the nitty-gritty: business address, hours of operation, and a brief message describing what to do if you’re experiencing a medical emergency. Cosmetic surgeries should have the same immediate information as a baseline. In fact, this might be the sole purpose of the call, and in that case, you’ve answered their question efficiently and improved the caller experience.

As the customer remains on the line, you have a huge opportunity to educate and build trust. With the right messages, being on hold is not just about waiting anymore. Cosmetic surgery on hold messages can, and should, vary business to business.

The content of cosmetic clinic on hold messages should be concise, and given in a friendly yet authoritative voice. The customer wants to be reassured as they wait that they’re in the best of hands. One way to cultivate this necessary trust is to share doctor profiles which highlight experience and credentials.

Doctors’ names, universities and degrees, awards, the length of time they’ve been in the field, and their specialty at your clinic are all fantastic snippets of information that can make an on hold experience more uniquely engaging. They can even inspire the customer to do some additional research about the staff by exploring your website, which can lead to a much better mutual connection.

Of course, remember to also list the numerical extensions where the doctors’ individual message boxes can be reached, if applicable. Speaking directly to a specific person or doctor is a common reason patients call, since cosmetic surgery is such a specialised field. If it’s easy for them to reach their desired contact and leave a message via extension, you’ve improved caller flow once more.

Basic information is always vital. Businesses with fully fleshed out cosmetic clinic on hold messages will take time to answers some common questions that clients tend to inquire about frequently. Consider it a great time to educate. If your site already has an FAQ, that’s a good place to start; a lot of that information can be very useful while on hold.

Consider including these informative talking points:

  • The major procedures your company is most known for providing
  • How long these procedures generally take
  • An encouraging description of the results that can be achieved
  • A list of non-invasive procedures
  • Therapies offered that are non-surgery
  • Any therapies considered “cutting edge” or unique to your establishment
  • Some basic aftercare instructions for these procedures
  • Whom at your office to contact about aftercare questions
  • Where the patient can go on your website for specifics
  • If the patient already has an appointment, what they can do to reschedule

The right cosmetic surgery clinic on hold message can greatly benefit the customer, and your customer relations. It can also benefit your business financially if callers are informed of special offers and promotions.

If your on hold message conveys them in a more engaging way, you can capture the caller’s attention and influence them to look into the additional services your company offers. Hearing the latest current specials can upsell your products, even if the caller simply called for some basic information.

The special offers and promotions section of the message should be kept up-to-date so your clientele can always access your current promotions. If applicable, this message can help sell gift cards, group discounts, seasonal deals, or even add-on services the caller may not have known about. So, feel free to try and measure these in your custom on hold message.

Including a mission statement can also transform the on hold experience from boring to productive. If your particular establishment specialises in re-constructive surgery, liposuction, or augmentation procedures, make this part of your brand and say it in your mission statement. Your callers will understand more about what you do and what to expect as they listen to your on hold message.

A brief history of your business, especially if it’s well-established and has a longtime good standing, can assure your credibility to prospective clients. What year was your clinic founded? Have you treated celebrities? Do you have excellent customer reviews and want to share them? This is all information that will cause the customer to feel comfort, reassured, and excitement about engaging with you in the future. It can be part of your unique message.

With so many ways cosmetic surgery on hold messages can be a deal breaker to the caller experience, it has never been a better time to embrace this strategy.

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