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There’s More to Omnichannel Marketing than Updating your On Hold Messages & Social Media

When done right, customised audio marketing is an extremely effective way to maximise your customer communication and get better results in all aspects of your business. However, to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your audio marketing, you’ll need more than just basic on-hold music or simplistic social media changes.

How to Improve Business Performance and Sales With an Audio Marketing Strategy

To get the most out of your audio or telecommunication marketing strategy, today’s businesses have to take things above and beyond what customers are expecting. Not only will this make your business stand out, but it will also improve overall client and customer interactions across your company. With creative audio strategies, you can build better customer relationships, increase productivity company-wide, and more. Below, we will go over some of the expert auditory marketing solutions worth exploring, some marketing strategy tips to apply, and explain how to start building a better business experience using audio communications in today’s ever-changing world.

Business owners, marketing managers, sales experts, and VOIP providers can take business performance to new heights by simply implementing better audio tactics for their businesses. While updating your on-hold messages or leaving information on social media websites is helpful, if you want to see big results, you’ll need to invest in better audio. The following tips can help you devise a tactical audio strategy to improve your business and employee performance across the board. With these audio tips, you’ll find out how to provide better customer experiences, improve sales, and avoid missing key opportunities for your company to profit!

Tip 1: Create a Targeted Atmosphere by Selecting the Ideal Store Music

Music is all around us. In-store music can be played to take the ambience of your business in various directions. The music played in your store, office, or retail location will impact the way your patrons relate to your business.

The overhead music you pick will set the tone for the experience you’re attempting to give your visitors. You can create an entirely new feel within your physical business location by utilising the right store music. In retail centres, in-store music plays an important part in the shopping experience. In waiting rooms, reception centres, and lobbies, your music will in large part create a specific type of atmosphere.

Fashion store environment.

How Your Store Music Can Impact a Customer’s Experience

Overhead music can impact a customer’s shopping experience in various ways. It’s a scientifically proven fact! One study found that music’s effect on shopping behaviour is directly linked to a consumer’s emotional state. This means that the volume, tempo, and pitch of your music will literally change the way your patrons feel about your business as a whole.

Your overhead music will also change the way your visitors perceive time. This means that customers who are waiting for service are more likely to have a better experience if they have something occupying their minds while they wait patiently.

Finally, music enhances the sensory experience as a whole. This means that in a store, your music can help your shoppers feel more involved and connected to the products you’re selling. In a waiting room or reception area, your music can make your physical office location seem very progressive, more relaxing, or otherwise help you translate the feelings you’re looking to achieve in a specific way.

• Fact: Music has been scientifically proven to affect the human emotional state.

• Fact: The music played in your store can impact your patrons’ impression of time.

• Fact: Overhead music enhances the sensory experience as a whole.

Shopping centre escalators.

What We Can Do to Help Improve Your Store Music
With our tailored marketing strategies, you can use your in-store music to create the atmosphere and ambience you’re imagining. Evolved Sound can help you better understand the mood and behaviour or your customers, set designated volumes, choose better tempo scores, and select music from genres that your demographic prefers.

Our team is here to advise you on the most suitable music for your business. This way, you can achieve branding and marketing objectives more effectively. You’ll enjoy thousands of sensational music tracks and many new releases as they become available.

Tip 2: Set Up a Warm and Relatable Phone Prompt System

Your recorded phone prompts can be used to guide your customers to the right departments, messaging centres, and customer service solutions. Phone prompting systems can have various levels of complexity and are a great way to ensure that you are allocating your resources efficiently.

Your phone prompt system can have an enormous impact on how customers and potential purchasers respond to your business. When customers hang up, businesses lose sales. A suitable designed phone prompting system can help you reduce or even eliminate hang-ups. This will lead to improved sales activity, higher customer satisfaction rates, and a better relationship between your customers and your business.

Person on a phone.

How Phone Prompts Can Make or Break Your System

Have you ever needed to call a business and found that you were stuck in a phone prompt loop? When this happens, a customer’s view of a business and their services can change in an instant. Poor phone automation systems can have an extremely negative impact on clients. Alternatively, carefully crafted phone automation prompts can be used to make a customer feel accomplished, satisfied, and capable.

Overused phrases, redundant reassurance, and poorly written phone prompt scripts can leave your clients with a poor impression of your business. It’s critical to consider your customers’ point of view as you compose phone automation scripts.

You want to give your customers clear and concise information in a warm and measured way. It’s also smart to cater to the specific group of shoppers or clients you serve with the tone of your messages. Remember, you aren’t trying to please everyone, you are trying to please your specific demographic, clients and customers.

• Fact: Your phone automation system can impact a client’s impression of your business significantly.

• Fact: Customers value clear communication. Make sure to clearly communicate your prompts and information in a warm and relatable way.

• Fact: Targeting your specific customer demographic helps to ensure that you will reach them more effectively with your marketing tactics. You aren’t trying to please the world, just your demographic. Be sure to cater to their unique needs.

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What We Can Do to Help Improve Your Phone Prompt Systems
Evolved Sound has a talented voice team that is ready to record voice prompts that are warm, relatable, and clear. Our IVR phone voice recordings can converted to all require digital formats for reliable and precise playback. This can save you time, money, and energy and lets you create a better prompt system from start to finish.

Tip 3: Make Sure to Get The Most Out of Your On Hold Phone Messages

On hold messages allow you to effectively communicate with customers while maximising your available resources. This is an extremely efficient and effective marketing strategy when properly implemented.

Tailored on-hold messaging can be one of the most effective marketing tools in your arsenal. When your customers initiate contact with your business, you hold a key advantage that can be used toward closing a sale or bettering a client relationship. That’s why it’s so critical to ensure that your company is getting the most out of its on-hold messaging if you are placing many callers on hold.

As with your phone prompts, your messaging system, voicemail, and on-hold scripts will have a huge impact on how customers interact with the archetype of your business as a whole. This means it’s seriously worth considering how and where you invest in creating professional audio recordings.

What We Can Do to Help Improve Your On Hold Phone Messages
Evolved Sound can help you improve your on-hold messaging features by creating scripted messages that communicate critical selling points in the most advantageous ways. We will formulate messages to target your area’s demographic with precise recordings that are of optimal clarity. We also use superior voice artists and professionals that can empathetically relate to customers. Finally, with an expansive music library, we can mix recordings with Licence Free music that will save you money!

Customer Satisfaction and Employee Productivity Can Be Improveed With a Targeted Audio Strategy!

Many businesses find that when they have their telecommunication systems and store audio maximised for consumer relatability, their employees perform better accordingly. Productivity can be enhanced by using targeted systems that are reliable, relatable, and easy to implement. When it comes down to it, if you’re not getting the most out of a targeted audio strategy, you’re missing out on an opportunity to thrive.

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With audio marketing combined as part of Omnichannel Marketing, you can take your business to an entirely new level. Be sure to consult an industry professional in this area to explore how you can implement better audio strategies, interactive voice responses, useful customer service solutions, and more!

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