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Defending Your Revenue Online


The world wide web has presented an excellent opportunity to reach markets globally, especially in the case of Australia and its potential reach to the huge opportunities offered by the English speaking world. The Australian Recording Industry Association reported that streaming led to a 17.6% growth in the digital music market in their 2016 media release. An ugly […] Continue Reading →

Should Pinterest or Instagram Be Part of My Marketing Mix?

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Social media is increasingly being recognised as an effective medium for engaging with consumers. But which social network should you choose? There are plenty of options, starting with Facebook and YouTube. Now marketing experts are wondering if using other social platforms is necessary too. One of the more common questions they’re asking is: Should Pinterest […] Continue Reading →

Trends and Tips That Will Boost Your Australian Business Conversion Rate


Is your business getting eyeballs but not many conversions? You’re not alone. Australian companies tend to fare better than several countries regarding turning leads into sales but fall behind some of the big-leaguers, like Japan and the United Kingdom. But, that doesn’t mean you must accept the fate of a non-converting business. Here are a […] Continue Reading →

Be Different, Not Better


What makes a pair of black leather shoes better than another? Maybe you can tell by actually wearing these two pairs of shoes and comparing them after a few weeks of regular use. But essentially, you can’t tell which one is better – at least not at the onset. The only thing that differentiates them […] Continue Reading →

Does Shopping Time Seem Shorter When Accompanied by Top 40 Music Compared to No Music or Classical Music?


There are many reasons why retail stores, department stores and restaurants play music inside their premises. The music can keep the employees from being bored, and it can also attract customers who like the music being played. Additionally, the music can help define the personality of the brand. But an argument can be made that […] Continue Reading →

Setting the Tone for Business Success


One of the most important goals of advertising and marketing is to communicate a brand’s personality. With the right personality, a brand can resonate with its consumer base more successfully. A brand can be seen as youthful, athletic, exclusive, trustworthy, competent, or sincere. You set your brand’s personality in many different ways and through various […] Continue Reading →