Simply Being Talented is No Guarantee to Business Success

Simply Being Talented is No Guarantee to Business Success

Evolved Sound began its evolution with the realisation that there are more important factors to business success than mere talent. It’s often about effective promotions and presentation, instead of just striving to improve the quality of a product that consumers don’t really know about. And history is replete of examples that amply demonstrate that the power of presentation can easily beat the superiority of a product.

Tesla vs. Edison

Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison are well-known today, but the interest in Tesla is quite recent. These two geniuses went up against another in the legendary War of Currents. Tesla championed his alternating current system, but Edison pretty much engaged in character assassination to promote his less efficient direct current system. Eventually alternating current would emerge as the winner, but the damage to Tesla’s “brand” was already done.

In the end Edison received a multitude of awards, places were named after him, and museums and memorials were built to honor him. In contrast, Tesla died alone and destitute, and he faded into obscurity while his inventions were lost to history. It’s only recently that his genius has been celebrated, and that’s thanks to modern media attention brought on by an electric car company.

How McDonalds Remains Big

Haven’t you ever wondered how McDonald’s became so popular? You have to admit, its offerings like the Big Mac aren’t exactly nutritious or delicious for that matter, and it’s been partly to blame for much of the world’s obesity problem. Moreover, one survey found the taste of McDonald’s burgers ranked dead last among 21 fast food burger chains.

So what explains the company’s continuous success? It’s a combination of many things, including an efficient franchising model and a successful campaign that equated its Golden Arches logo into one of the most beloved brands that’s so quintessentially American. In modern media, a movie with a character who’s lost in the wilderness or the hinterlands and eventually finds his way to civilization often stumbles into a McDonald’s store.

American Idol Winners Turned Losers

American Idol produced real success stories such as Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. But lost in the hoopla are a few “winners” that soon thereafter faded into the mists of obscurity. The most notorious example of this is Taylor Hicks, who was not properly promoted and ended nowhere.

All these examples show that talent alone isn’t enough for your product or brand to become a success. The quality of your products and services won’t make them popular, unless you can convince the consumers of the truth of this.

And that’s what Evolved Sound does. We help our clients effectively present their brand and products in a way that consumers will think well of them. We provide professional voice overs for videos, expert assistance for music played inside the stores, and tailored audio for telephone on hold messages. With our help, you stay one step ahead of the competition.

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