Crafting a Profitable On Hold Message 5 Elements That Boost Business

Crafting a Profitable On Hold Message: 5 Elements That Boost Business

By now, many businesses have recognised the special opportunity available when using an “on hold” message for callers which can result to more sales and increased profits. An on hold message can keep your callers on the line. It also ensures that this person is actually interested in buying your product or service.

But it all depends on the on hold message you craft for your company. To make sure you maximize the benefits you get, your on hold needs the following elements:

  1. Name of your company and additional info. By mentioning your company name right away (“Thank you for calling [name of company]”), you confirm that the caller dialed the right number. You can then mention your location and business hours which may be the info they need and you can also mention your website where they can find the answers they are looking for.
  2. The right voice. What kind of spokesman is ideal for your brand? Some are best represented by a patrician aristocrat or a matronly grandmother type, while certain products and services are best offered by a rough masculine cowboy or an alluring swimsuit model.

The voice you use should make the caller think of your brand image. It should use the right tone that appeals to your typical customer, use the words that your customer responds to, and speaks in a way that is understandable and is able to emotionally connect with your customers.

  1. A specific call to action or a special offer. With an on hold message, you can inform them of a special offer you have. A special discount or unique service can catch their attention. Perhaps you’re adding to your range of services, or expanding the area in which you offer your services. You may also be having some sort of contest for your customers.

Alternatively, the right message can be also very persuasive, but what exactly do you want your caller to do? You should make it very clear as to what action you want them to take. Perhaps you want them to buy something right away, or to register for a special offer or newsletter. Tell them what to do exactly, and they may do exactly that.

  1. Rotating information. Hearing a particular informative message can be interesting the first time a caller hears it, but it can be annoying hearing the same message again and again. While you can mention the same call to action or special discount, change the subsequent info about them with rotating messages. You should have anywhere from 8 to 10 unique message paragraphs so you don’t sound repetitive.
  2. Don’t forget to give an update. Make sure you give up to date information regarding your special services and offers. There’s nothing more annoying or unprofessional than offering a special discount for a day that has already passed or a service that’s no longer available. So make sure you check your on hold message regularly.

Many studies have confirmed that on hold messages can actually increase sales with very little effort on your part. So make use of them to boost your profits, by making sure all your messages contain the elements that make them very effective.

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