Setting the Tone for Business Success

Setting the Tone for Business Success

One of the most important goals of advertising and marketing is to communicate a brand’s personality. With the right personality, a brand can resonate with its consumer base more successfully. A brand can be seen as youthful, athletic, exclusive, trustworthy, competent, or sincere.

You set your brand’s personality in many different ways and through various forms of media. On the Web, the layout of the site can convey a personality based on the tone of the text, images, and videos, along with colours and fonts used. Your brand’s personality can also become more evident in through your in store advertisement messages and messages on-hold recordings, based on the voice and demeanour you use.

The following are the reasons why you need to adopt this approach:

  1. It makes your brand distinct. It’s always been one of the goals of advertising and marketing to make your brand stand out from the rest. By presenting a personality, you make yourself a more obvious choice for a certain segment of the consumer base. This is very evident in the automotive industry. Volvo presents a personality that’s based on safety awareness, and it therefore resonates among parents who want to ensure their children’s safety. Luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes Benz promote success and sophistication, and they offer themselves as the choice of the elite. Fast cars like Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini emphasize their adventurous personality with the speeds they can reach. Honda and Toyota are known for their reliability and affordability, while Tesla cars are geared towards the environmentally aware.
  1. Presenting a personality emphasises your brand’s good points. By emphasising certain traits of your personality (such as safety, luxury, speed, affordability, and efficient fuel consumption in the car industry), you promote your brand’s strengths. You give your potential customers a reason to pick your brand because you have inspired their confidence.
  1. You can forge an emotional attachment with your customers. Customers don’t always use logic when they make purchasing decisions. That’s because many consumers identify with brands that resemble their own self-image. Porsche is successful, even though they’re expensive and cramped and they can consume a lot of fuel. But the appeal of going fast on the road can be irresistible for those who see themselves as great drivers who like to see other cars in their rear-view mirrors.
  1. It can evoke warm memories. Many buyers are sentimental, and your brand’s personality can lead some people to remember good times. This is one reason why many classic cars are reborn, like the Mustang, the Camaro, the Mini, and the Volkswagen Beetle. It’s not just about nostalgia, but also about setting a sense of history and continuity.
  1. Comprehensive personality marketing offers a consistent message. For your brand to establish its personality, it should be evident across various platforms. If you want to present a carefree and youthful personality, then you need bright colours and cheerful words for both your website, your shop’s interior design, and also in your in-store advertisement messages. And to be consistent, even your telephone on-hold recordings should also convey the same message.

Creating a brand personality helps you foster a more sustainable relationship with your customers. But you need to be consistent so that your customers don’t get confused. By becoming consistent, you can then secure a niche in your industry that can help you create a base of regular customers you can rely on to give you more sales and increased profits.

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