Why More Marketers Are Turning to Audio Branding Strategies

Why More Marketers Are Turning to Audio Branding Strategies

When people think of branding, they usually think about famous logos for renowned companies. Who isn’t familiar with the Apple logo or the golden arches of McDonald’s? Even without spelling out the name of the company, these logos immediately remind us of the brand and the values they stand for.

But now more experts have come to realize that there’s more to branding than just visual tools. An increasing number of marketing professionals are also resorting to using audio in their branding strategies. As it turns out, you can boost the identity of your brand simply by using a song, a short melody, or even a snippet of sound.

  • Movies led the way. Countless fans know all about the power of soundtracks in boosting the popularity of a film. Countless years after the release of the film The Breakfast Club, people still remember it when they suddenly hear the opening notes of the song “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”. People are familiar with the theme songs of films like Star Wars and Titanic. The ominous notes that accompany the shark in Jaws still frighten people, and the breathing sounds of Darth Vader can send fans into a tizzy.
  • TV shows did it too. Lots of people are of course familiar with the theme songs of their favorite TV shows. Who hasn’t heard the theme show of Friends? Right now, hordes of people are familiar with the Game of Thrones opening credits song, and they also know how the song “The Rains of Castamere” can signify the Lannisters. Nowadays, even small snippets of sound can denote a particular station.
  • Audio carries an emotional impact. We all know this. A sad movie isn’t really as sad until you hear a dirge from the speakers. A sad song can let the tears flow, and a rock song can really excite the viewers. You can even say that the audio has more emotional impact than the visual imagery in many cases.

That’s why throughout history the power of speeches has endured. You don’t have to see Mel Gibson riding on his horse to feel the power of his “I am William Wallace” speech in the movie Braveheart. You just need to hear the words and you have goose bumps.

  • You can use audio through various channels. Traditionally, your audio branding is part of your TV and radio commercials. Nowadays, you can use snippets of your unique audio identity in your website, in store advertisements and in your various YouTube videos and podcasts. In fact, you can also use it for your customer support greeting and on hold messaging as well.
  • Your intended audience can hear the sound in many ways. Many sounds in everyday life can resemble your audio logo. Even some songs can use the notes that are also used for your own sound. When people hear this, they’re reminded of your own brand, and thus your identity is reinforced.

So why not try using audio for your branding strategy? More and more people have come to recognize its effectiveness. So be among the first in your niche to have a unique sound for your brand, and you will stand out from the rest.

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