What Could Video On Hold Messages Do For Business

What Could Video On Hold Messages Do For Business?

The concept of video on hold messages didn’t make sense until recently. In fact, it’s still a rather unique proposition, since most people use smartphones to go online or to simply talk to other people. But the concept of having on hold messages on video actually makes sense when you think about it. It’s sort of like using video marketing on YouTube and on your website, except that now you also show those videos to your callers.

There are several benefits to this approach:

  • It’s a lot less boring. This is perhaps one of the most significant improvements of video messages over audio. You have to understand that people who call up companies and customer support are rather impatient. They get bored easily when all they get is audio. But this time they get video, and video is a lot more engrossing. Lots of people use their smartphones to watch YouTube videos, and with the right video you can get their attention. What’s more, you can most likely have them wait longer than just a few seconds.
  • Companies can get their message across more effectively. This time the callers don’t have to work too hard trying to decipher what the message said. Now you have both audio and video to show people just what kind of message you want to impart. If you’re advertising one of your newest products, they can now see it for themselves, and perhaps you can even show the products in action.

Videos are one of the most effective ways of explaining processes and describing details. You can simply show your audience what you mean. You can demonstrate a new product in action and describe what it does.

  • It doesn’t have to cost all that much. Producing videos doesn’t have to be expensive, especially when you start with simple animation. But even more sophisticated videos are worthwhile investments, because you can also use them for your website, your Facebook page, and YouTube channel.
  • It’s unique. This benefit may not last long, since the use of video on hold messages can become popular very quickly. But using this type of on hold message could certainly differentiate your company from your competitors. You come across as more advanced and a lot more customer-friendly.
  • You can answer FAQs. The video can provide answers to some questions so that the caller won’t need an actual person to talk to them.

So what kind of video on hold messages can you show? You can show any type, though it helps if you do keep the length of the video short. You can do product advertisements and demonstrations, or show proper maintenance procedures for certain items. You can advertise discounts and sales too.

You can also feature a link to your own website or YouTube channel so that your callers pick the videos they want to watch while they wait. Just don’t let them wait too long though—they still need to contact you!

Video On Hold messages aren’t presently a reality but you never know what’s around the corner to disrupt the traditional ways of on hold messaging.

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