Sounds That Can Confuse Your Customers & Staff In Store

Sounds That Can Confuse Your Customers & Staff In Store

Just thought we would share this to show the havoc that mobile phones can cause:

Our client has just started running our Easy Listening / Smooth Smooth Classics playlist in their newly fitted out health & well being clinic.

Email to Evolved Sound from client:

“I thought I was just suffering from mondayitis earlier but now it has happened twice – two tracks are occasionally playing at same time, it’s the same song that keeps cutting in for about 4 seconds – I don’t know it by name but it’s that
French song – where she sings in French??
It’s happened twice this morning, and it tries to play at same time as another track, you just hear her starting her jon daje vue stuff and it cuts off after 3 or so seconds.”

Evolved Sound replied:
“Sounds strange. Most of our songs in this playlist are in English. If it happens again please note down the exact time / date you hear it and we can drill down to your logs and try to identify the culprit track if it exists”
Client replied:
“OMG you won’t believe this but something funny to start your week off –
We have a couple of tradies in here doing some work for us and I just found out that his ring tone is that Edith Piaf song I have heard twice today – my staff are literally on the floor laughingJ

So all good, there are no issues”

So the message from all of this is the wrong ring tones by contractors on site can really change the dynamics of your customer environment in more ways than one. Is it time to screen your team to make sure their music taste lines up with your brand?

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