Fresh is Best How to Keep Your Marketing Scripts Juicy

Fresh is Best: How to Keep Your Marketing Scripts Juicy

Nothing’s so unpalatable than a dish re-heated for your next meal, or a window shop display that’s never been changed for the entire year, or perhaps the same commercial ad that’s been the same ever since they launched the product. If there’s one thing that’s bound to capture even the smallest level of attention and interest from anyone, it’s the idea of something new – a new ad model, a new window shop display, or even a new ice cream flavour. Admit it, most us are guilty of trying the new offering from our favourite (or not so liked) fastfood menu offering, even if it’s a new kind of burger and fries combo.

Fresh is always best, even if you’re a dealer of one of those barbecue grillers to a bunch of people in the mall and you’re following a marketing script. The same goes if you’re writing a script for one of those drama-style TV ads for a dishwashing liquid. There’s always a little tweak with the words, a new character, or perhaps even a new problem with barbecue grillers or dishwashing liquids. After all, who wants to be hearing the same thing over and over again?

No one, I’m sure. So, here are three reasons why you need to make your marketing script fresh every time.

Establish your presence

Shop windows and restaurants that don’t undergo routine facelift changes eventually fade into the background. You’ll discover that you visit a shop or a restaurant less and less because flashier shops or fancier restaurants with fancier decors have overshadowed them. The main way that a retailer can establish your presence and make a noise above the growing roar of the competition is to make sure that you come out with something fresh regularly.  And sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be something totally new. Play around with your script – change a line, tweak some words, inject some humor, or add a new element – as long as it’s not the same lines and words that your customers and clients have been hearing since that first time.

Make them come back for more

One of the secrets of marketing is that you don’t give out all the product’s features in one go. Narrate your product’s features in installments. Give a couple in the first pitch, another in the second, and another one in the third. This gives you enough material and content so that you can have more than one marketing script to work with. At the same time, each new material gives out information that is not redundant or repetitive, but rather, something fresh to the ears or the eyes.

Display your creativity

Known companies and brands are also often those who regularly release a new product line or design. These product releases are a testament of the company’s innovation and creativity. Sticking with one marketing script for the longest time can convey complacency, disinterest, or lack of creative genius. Conversely, putting some extra effort in coming up with fresh content for your script can convey your creativity and a sense of innovation even with something as minor as your marketing script.

Keeping your script fresh regularly doesn’t have to be a burdensome task. Keep your eyes open for new ideas. Read a lot, watch a lot and listen to diverse media platforms – traditional and digital.  Who knows, your next script’s opening lines may be just around the corner. That’s always a fantastic place to start!

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