Trends and Tips That Will Boost Your Australian Business Conversion Rate

Trends and Tips That Will Boost Your Australian Business Conversion Rate

Is your business getting eyeballs but not many conversions? You’re not alone. Australian companies tend to fare better than several countries regarding turning leads into sales but fall behind some of the big-leaguers, like Japan and the United Kingdom. But, that doesn’t mean you must accept the fate of a non-converting business.

Here are a few winning conversion methods that work well for Australian businesses:

Work on Your Landing Page

Your landing page, or the first page your visitors come to on your website, can make or break a sale immediately. Landing pages alone can land you up to 17% conversions from visitors to sales. Your landing page should target what your customers want exactly, whether it’s highlighting a new product or providing a discount for a service. Make it accurate, concise, and clear, with a call to action that will get your visitors to want to make a purchase.

Keep Important Stuff in Reach

Your visitors will only spend a few seconds on your website before they decide whether they want to purchase anything. So, it’s important to have everything they need above the fold, so they won’t have to scroll to search for anything. Answer their questions, provide contact information, and craft some catchy wording that will pique their interest.

Make People Trust You

It’s important to add trust to your website and company if you want anyone doing business with you. Have you had some repeat customers who would love sharing their experiences on your site? Add a section for their testimonials! You can also build trust in the local community of your Australian business by networking with other local businesses people already love. Create a marketing campaign that includes your partnership so you can reach new audiences and build a reputation.

Focus on Social Media Advertising

On average, Australia’s conversion rates using social media channels are 13% higher than the mean conversion rate! If you haven’t jumped on board the Facebook train, it’s time. Facebook ads will cost you more per click than those in almost any other country, but that’s because they work. Australian business owners can expect to boost their click-through rates by at least 0.35% over other leading countries from Facebook ads alone, so it may be worth your while to run a few campaigns and test the waters.

Australian businesses certainly have social media going for them, so why not use it? But, it’s also important to make your website stand out since that’s where you’ll be getting a lot of business. Create an appealing and welcoming website that makes people jump at the chance to work with you and watch your conversions soar.

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