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The Many Benefits of Podcast Advertising

This amazing new platform creates an amazing new option for advertising. Podcast advertising is a simple yet effective way to reach a huge demographic; similar to radio advertising, podcast advertising utilises audio platforms to reach large audiences throughout the world. However, unlike radio advertising, podcast advertising is not fixed to a local station but is heard throughout the world, no matter who is listening or where.

What Are Podcasts? Does Podcast Advertising Really Work?

Podcasts are an amazing way to connect with niche and targeted audiences on a global scale. Podcasts are essentially radio shows or audio discussions. That are released on a set schedule and feature an array of topics from five minute news segments to hour long history lectures, from true crime research deep dives to comedy shows and more.

These podcasts are then available on specific platforms – the usual suspects include Spotify and Apple Podcasts – to subscribers and non-subscribers alike! Whether you are working on WiFi or mobile data or simply downloaded to your device, podcasts are available around the world wherever you go. This means the opportunity for an ever expanding audience is limitless.

Podcasts rely on listener support for some of their financing but primarily rely on outside advertising. This means that, like radio shows and televisions shows, they need to fill airtime with reliable advertisers that fit their audience so that they can support the show. Podcasters need advertisers.

Finding Your Audience

Finding the right podcast is an important step in the process. Podcasters want to support brands and businesses that fit their audience’s interests and needs. In 2020, studies show that 72% of audience members chose to purchase from brands and businesses that support the podcast content they favour.

As mentioned previously, podcasts are available wherever our devices go. That means that you can reach your intended audience while they are commuting to work, sitting in traffic, washing dishes and doing chores, during work and more. Friends love to recommend podcasts to other friends and colleagues which creates an organically multiplying audience without extra effort!

While the audiences are far reaching and varied, over 66% of podcast listeners tend to be in the Millennial and Gen Z age group (18-34). A preferred audience for many as they are quicker to invest in their favorite podcasts’ recommended advertisers.

Why Is Podcast Advertising Effective?

Podcast advertising and program branding is so effective not only because of its wide cast net when it comes to audience but also how it reaches the audience. Audio advertising in a podcast setting allows advertisers to practically speak one on one with listeners. Again, many listeners are alone in their car listening to podcasts or at work with headphones in. This creates an intimate experience that is found to be more convincing and effective in terms of advertising.

It’s also noted that an amazing 61% of podcast listeners tend to sequentially stream episodes thus continuing a prolonged exposure to your advertisement. Additionally, podcasts are an evergreen resource as listeners are constantly listening to episodes again and digging through their favourite shows’ archives to listen to previous episodes, renewing your advertisement time and time again.

Setting Yourself Up For Success

While podcast advertising is becoming more and more of a no-brainer way to increase sales, creating a successful audio advertisement can be challenging. There are two ways to go about podcast advertising successfully.

Many emerging brands tap into the podcast hosts as a source. Utilising their connection with the audience, podcasters are able to use their clout to create a realistic and convincing advertisement for your brand.

However, this is not always the case and, for smaller businesses, working with smaller podcasts can be more realistic. With smaller podcasts, it is most beneficial to work with industry experienced audio engineers and producers to create an imaginative and engaging advertisement yourself.

Tap into your most charismatic self or hire an audio production team to select an actor that will portray your message as best as it can be done. Professional audio technicians, including producers, editors and sound production staff, will give you the platform to create a flawless advertisement that can will tap into the ears highly targetted listeners across the globe.

It is so important to work with a professional team of sound engineers when creating your podcast advertisement because this is your chance to have that coveted one on one time with your future customer. Don’t spoil it with crackling audio or hard to decipher contact information. Instead, work with a professional crew of audio technicians and sound engineers to create a crystal clear, effective and engaging advertisements. One that has a tackable call to action so you can also measure your ROI for this type of marketing strategy.

Podcasters and podcast listeners respond well to the intimacy that this style of one on one advertising allows. The next best thing is being in their home or workspace having a conversation in person. Don’t miss out on the amazing resource that is audio advertising with podcast advertising!

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