Sell the Customer Journey and Not the Product

Sell the Customer Journey and Not the Product

Have you considered the success of companies like Apple, Disney, and Starbucks? When you think about it, the success of Apple isn’t so much about the actual technological features of their products. It’s about how “cool” they are. The same goes for weekend visits to your favourite eatery.

The ability to “sell an experience”, however, is not limited to large corporations. Even your small business can sell an experience and gain an edge in your industry by heeding these tips:

Convince Customers You Offer the Best Value

Offering the best value can be achieved through various ways. One common example is offering a special discount for certain items at certain times, so that your customer feels the exhilarating experience of paying much less for a product or service. You can also emphasize the superior nature of your products or services, so that even with high prices your customers may feel that you’re still offering good value.

Don’t Start a Price War

Historically, price wars are dangerous as competing sellers may price themselves into the brink of bankruptcy. In today’s world, being the cheapest product may not always provide the best impression for your brand. Some consumers may equate low prices with low quality.

Better Service Will Make the Price Worth It

Even when you offer an expensive item, many consumers will feel that they’ve received value for their money when you provide a better service. Perhaps you can offer free delivery, or you may provide professional installation. With better service, customers feel that you care about them more.

Be Easy To Work With

You can also make sure that your customer support department is topnotch, as many consumers appreciate courteous and prompt customer support. When your customer service workers can answer various questions about your products, or provide quick replacement of defective items or components, you can gain customers for life.

Make Customers Trust You

There are several ways to help convince your potential customers that you are trustworthy. It will help if you stick to the facts in your advertising, so that you don’t make false claims that will eventually disappoint your buyers. You should emphasize durability and ease of assembly and use for your products so that your customers won’t be discouraged.

Pricing is of course crucial, and you should not overly charge for items and service that are basically similar to what your competitors offer. Your pricing should be transparent so that the customers will realize that you’re not trying to stooge them.

For services, you can earn the trust of your customers by making sure that your workers conduct themselves professionally and look professional as well. They should be trained in what they do, and at the same time, be courteous towards customers.  Employing pleasant and professional employees can truly encourage your customers to trust your brand and the quality of your products and services.

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