Narrow Your Niche and Focus on Your Target for Amazing Results

Narrow Your Niche and Focus on Your Target for Amazing Results

Whether you’re building an e-commerce empire, monetising your blog, or trying to promote your brick and mortar shop online, there is always this temptation to be over ambitious and broaden your reach. It’s common sense.

So there’s always this temptation to sell as many items as possible. It’s like trying to throw several bowls of spaghetti at the wall to see how much of it sticks. In this case, you’re selling too many items simply in the hope that some of them would prove interesting to your target buyers.

But perhaps the more effective approach is to define your niche. Your focus is like a beam of light. It may be better to concentrate the light on a small area so as to make it shine brighter, than to attempt to shine a wide beam and make it a little dim for everyone.

Here are some of the advantages of narrowing your niche:

  • You have a better idea of what to sell. So if you define your niche target as the weightlifting crowd, your topics and product lines may include gym equipment, various workout programs, and diet plans.What’s really good for everyone is that your potential customers all know what to expect from your website. They know that you offer information on weightlifting subjects, so they don’t have to guess as to what your business is all about.
  • You know the right approach. Engaging with a specific type of crowd allows you to know just how you can structure your approach. Some niches are much more rigorous and academic, others are earnest and compassionate, while other communities are freewheeling and perhaps even sarcastic when they communicate.
  • You can establish your authority more easily. Choosing a niche is easy enough. What do you know? What are you interested in? These are the topics you can discuss without having to do too much extra research and without having to fake your way around. You’re already well-versed on the topic. And what’s more, you’re not a disinterested seller. You’re a passionate advocate. You can recommend certain products or share your opinions, because you feel strongly about what you’re talking about. And people who are just as interested as you are in your chosen niche will recognise your authenticity and your expertise.
  • You can anticipate the needs and concerns of your potential customers. If you are a weightlifter yourself, you don’t have to do research or guess as to what aspects are important for people like yourself. You already know what to look for when you buy your own equipment. And recommending these to your audience is like recommending them to a friend. You know what you’re talking about, and you can address their concerns more effectively. After all, they’re just like you.

Its a lot easier to achieve well in a focused area than to reach similar in a much broader spectrum. The alternative is less than average results from a much broader / random base. There’s no need to broaden your horizons. That’s an unrealistic goal. Just recognize what you know and determine what you’re interested in, and you can engage people who have the same interests as you.  The 80/20 rule says you are better focusing most of your energy around your expertise and where most of your profits are.

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