Medical On Hold Messages

Did you know that tailored medical on hold messages can provide valuable information to Patients and Callers...

…while also assisting your Practice to meet compliance, accreditation and other key service guidelines?

Evolved Sound has extensive experience serving the medical sector. Our business messaging services directly assist medical practices to maximise communication opportunities and meet accreditation.

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Benefits of Medical On-Hold Messaging

Benefits for Practice Owners & Callers include the ability to easily

  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Introduce new doctors, nurses & support staff.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Provide information to callers about various services the business offers and answer frequently asked questions.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Reduce the number of hang-ups.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Achieve financial savings – compared to playing the local radio or commercial music on hold.

Renewed Marketing Opportunities for Your Practice by

  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Engaging with callers – keep them informed, entertained, educated and connected.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Generating new patient leads for a fraction of traditional advertising and marketing costs.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Increasing enquiry and consultation opportunities by embracing the phone on hold time as a creative marketing tool.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Raising the overall profile, professionalism, brand and image of your business.

Accreditation & Compliance

  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Evolved Sound’s on hold messages are produced to directly meet accreditation guidelines and standards.

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