How to Select the right Voice Over Artist

How to Select the right Voice Over Artist

We at Evolved Sound have a great understanding of Voiceovers and audio production; including, but not limited to: Audio Book Voice Overs, Radio Voice Overs, Male Voiceovers, Female Voice Overs, Script Writing, Talent Search and placement (such as Narrators), and the overall field and relations behind a Voice Over.

It is our aim to be informative regarding the diverse interactions behind a sensational Voice Over. This entails a description of relationships such as how appropriate the Script Writing will relate and work hand-in-hand with quality Audio Production, and the right Voice Artist depending on the particular kind of Voiceovers being sought.

However, the same rules for great Voiceovers apply regardless of the type, or avenue being sought.

Some Voice Talents are needed for such things as: a Narrator for messages on hold played to a caller over the telephone; for store advertising, including intercom advertisements and announcements; varying and diverse commercials over a wide range of delivery methods and purposes; internet purposes such as video narration; interactive voice response systems, such as automated directory systems; audio books; etc., etc.~ regarding numerous and differing applications.

It is all going to begin with an idea, and then proceeds onto a necessary Script Writing process. Within the script itself, specific ideas must be clearly, effectively, and efficiently expressed. It must be easy to understand and direct enough to be comprehended across wide and diverse sections of audience. As individual as people are, the goal is to maximise impact and understanding to as many of those people as possible.

Once a script has been well written, the process will then move onto a Talent Search for the ‘right’ Voice Talent artist. Several things must be considered when choosing which Voice Talent will best represent your cause. Amongst these expected considerations are basic decisions, such as: will the Voice Artist best be portrayed by Female Voice Overs, or Male Voiceovers? Will this be for Radio Voiceovers, or Television Voiceovers, or something different altogether?

Some Voice Artists work in specialised fields, such as Radio Voiceovers for Radio Commercials. Some are performers; but rest assured that every Voice Artist working with us at Evolved Sound is highly professional with years of experience and functional working knowledge of their craft.

One delicate balance that skilled and experienced sound engineers possess is the realisation that a great script is absolutely key to effective marketing and performance. More importantly, what will count even more is the way something is said, the ‘how’ behind the delivery of the Voice Artist’s words.

Because the manner of delivery and expression of words is proven to be extremely important, along with an effectively written script, a well written script is key, but so is an experienced talent. These two functions work together completely with high quality production, wherein nothing is left to chance, but is produced exactly as specified.

Because of this reason, inexperienced hopefuls who desire to work as such talents should not be used. Only those with enough education in their field, hands-on experience, and working knowledge will know enough about the rules of production to remain perfectly within them.

Amateurs and others who are unfamiliar with what it takes to produce an exceptional product may not have enough communications experience to reach a vast and maximised audience in a way that can be universally understood. Nor is it good to try to take over such a role yourself if you are the manager of a production, for it is necessary to have outside interpretations of your ideas so that you can personally gauge how close you are to your actual idea of what you wish to express.

If the proper studio environment is not used, and skilled sound engineering is foregone, the sound will not come out as you intend for it to do. An example of this is the way people sound on video tapes of events such as school plays, or speeches, etc. Another way to see this difference, from a different field, is the difference between personal pictures taken, and professional photos taken and engineered by a career photographer.

Just Remember:

–          Scripting is your foundation and must be completely right before even beginning to choose a Voice Over artist.

–          When choosing a Voice Over artist, consider how they deliver and connect with your specific project or application and not simply how much you like their voice.

–          Use a specialised Voice Over company that is responsible for the total end to end service. You are covered if things go wrong or re-dos are required for example.

–          The right mix of scripting, voice selection and sound engineering will guarantee you a successful outcome.
Don’t gamble on your life and business interests. Maximise the impact of your product, or message. Make it a quality production, because your ideas deserve to see their full potential. Evolved Sound is a great resource for your needs, and we will be very happy to hear from you to facilitate outstanding outcomes.

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