Telephone On Hold

Customised on-hold advertising is one of the cost effective and targeted marketing tools available today. Every customer contact is highly pre-qualified because the customer initiated the contact.

Evolved Sound delivers industry leading telephone on hold message and music solutions that allow Australian businesses to best capitalise on valuable caller waiting time.

Our solutions are suitable for businesses currently running:

  • PBX/PABX multi-line telephone systems.
  • Single line phone systems.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) – internet protocol phone systems.
  • Phone systems located throughout office sites locally, nationally or internationally.

By learning the Unique Selling Points of your organisation, we will craft a powerful on hold message script that meets your customer relationship, business and marketing objectives. Your messages are then digitally recorded by our talented voice artists.

“Evolved Sound’s phone on hold solutions will exclude your business from paying any licence fees to any regulatory or governing body, resulting in significant yearly savings, particularly when multiple lines exist.”

Finished recordings are mixed with complimentary music and loaded into one of our digital Messages On Hold systems for reliable playback. Our latest digital Messages On Hold players deliver exceptional sound quality and reliability, while also providing your business with flexible message updating options. Once connected, our systems will run endlessly without fail for many years to come!

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We become your AUDIO MARKETING ARM that produces periodical message updates and music refreshes, which mould to your timely business needs.



“If your telephone on hold needs are facilitated by another company, why not ask us about a better deal!”

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