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The Science Behind On Hold & In Store Music

on hold music science

The modern world and all of its complexities have doomed much of the common man’s time into the wastebasket of necessary (and unnecessary) waiting. Statistics on consumers estimate that people will spend around one and one-fifth of a year of their entire life at the telephone, on hold. Most commercial companies now employ on hold […] Continue Reading →

Licenced Music On Hold


Imagine this setting: You are calling for a customer service hotline. After a few seconds, a customer service representative answers your call. You tell her your concern and she tells you that you need to be transferred to another department. As you are being transferred, you hear recorded music. This taped, repetitive music is called […] Continue Reading →

How often should on hold music be updated?


The practice of creating on hold music has alleviated many of the awkward and silent pauses on telephone transactions. Many businesses and sometimes even residential or personal phones make use of this service. However, some customers are unsure on how often on hold music should be updated. While there is really no clear-cut rule on […] Continue Reading →

Customers’ Thoughts About On-Hold Music


May it be a sweet smooth sax solo, a long-forgotten Cross melody or a catchy version of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, customers do have something to say about every company’s on hold music. Some music might lead to customers experiencing LSS (Last Song Syndrome), resulting from playing the music in one’s head for over a week […] Continue Reading →

Choosing The Best On-Hold Music

by usarmyband

Have you ever been placed on hold during a call to the customer service hotline? Companies and businesses understand you and other callers like you – your wait should be more interesting and pleasurable. That is why they have developed a technique to make your wait a delightful experience – such as on-hold music. Playing […] Continue Reading →