Legalities / Licensing

There are governing bodies which represent music artists and the right to publicly broadcast many audio works. These include PPCA (Phonographic Performance Company of Australia) and APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association), whom charge licence fees to businesses and organisations for playing the radio or commercially released music on hold.

From a telephone on hold point of view, these bodies calculate the costs predominantly based on the number of External Phone Lines the business has. Typically, fees can range from $100 to an excess of $1000+ per year. These charges are applicable regardless of the type of telephone line you are using, be it traditional PSTN / landline telephone lines or if you’re running your calls over the internet (known as Voice Over IP telephony).

There are also copyright, licensing and re-broadcast concerns before permitting your business from playing various recorded content to your callers.

The good news is that all messages recorded and/or instrumental music supplied by Evolved Sound in the context of telephone on hold will not require you to pay any additional fees . We cover the specific licensed usage in the context of telephone on hold content delivery, eliminating all your legal requirements to pay any ongoing fees to these governing bodies. This results in significant yearly savings, particularly when multiple lines exist.

If all this licensing information still remains unclear, speak with us to learn about all your options to ensure your business is fully covered without compromise.