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We offer a selection of music which can be played to your callers. Our instrumental music compositions are licence free, so your business won’t be required to pay any additional fees to regulatory bodies. This results in significant yearly savings, particularly when multiple lines exist.

Build Your Own On Hold Music Package







Do you find our pre-produced music titles somewhat inappropriate for your music on-hold requirements?

Do you want to exercise full creative control over the music your business plays to your callers?

If your answer is yes, Evolved Sound’s Build Your Own On Hold Music Package could be the right solution for you.

Heres how it works:

  1. Evolved Sound will tailor and quote on a suitable package.
  2. Review and select music tracks from Evolved Sound’s Online Music Library.
  3. Email us the music titles you have chosen, along with your order details.
  4. Evolved Sound will promptly prepare the music and system for delivery if applicable.

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Evolved Sound’s Generic On Hold Messages CD

PLEASE NOTE: This is now sold ONLY for electronic download, and not on a physical CD.  Once you receive the download link, you are free to burn a copy on a CD or load the digital content directly into your phone system for one office site per purchase.







For a cost effective alternative to customised on hold messages, our Generic On Hold Messages CD is suitable for all types of businesses. This CD contains generic messages and on hold music to keep your callers informed and entertained while waiting. Hence, this is much better than just silence or unappealing electronic chimes!

If you already have a CD player connected to your phone system for telephone on hold, then this CD is for you! With a running time of 73 minutes spread over 3 tracks, this CD can easily be set to repeat mode for endless generic on hold messages and music for your callers.

With various On Hold Messages such as…

  • “Thank you for holding. Your call will be attended to shortly”
  • “Your call is important to us. We will get to you as soon as possible”
  • “Thank you for your patience. We will attend to your call as soon as possible”

These messages are all recorded by professional Australian Voice Over artists, male and female. Music gaps between each message average 10 to 15 seconds.

Listen to samples

Evolved Sound presents ‘Jazz Planet’








As a snippet from our library Evolved Sound has teamed up with some smooth musicians to offer you this brilliant Jazz CD – Jazz Planet. Bringing together members from diverse locations around the world and through the help of the digital glue of the internet, ‘Funkdawgs’ was formed. This connectivity provides a magical interaction of seasoned jazz musicians who share a passion for jazz funk. The CD’s energetic jazz funk provides a musical pulse you can feel, a rush of excitement you feel the first time and every time you listen to these innovative artists. Their collaborations and musical horizons are indeed borderless

The Funkdawgs provide their unique jazz funk blend with extended solos spread over 12 dynamically fulfilling tracks.