Frequently Asked Questions

Still confused about all this in-store advertising and background music jargon? Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

What are the benefits of Evolved Radio and what makes your service special?

Evolved Radio has been engineered to be your own retail music playlist. It can up-sell and promote specific products and services within your own retail store music playlist, or simply act as a specialty in store music only system to create that perfect ambience or mood.

Evolved Sound’s background music solutions are individually tailored to provide measurable outcomes. By combining the latest technology and broadcast media professionals, Evolved Radio will always sound outstanding, operate reliably and be very easy to manage.

We can cater to clients requiring either commercial released vocal music (similar to your favourite radio station), or instrumental music which doesn’t require any additional broadcast or playback licensing. With ever changing laws and costs to pay, independent music is becoming increasingly popular for cafe background music solutions, restaurant background music, shopping centre background music and various other general in store broadcasting applications. Our commercial playlists feature a massive selection of dynamically handpicked vocal background music. The song choices are constantly revised, and new tracks are added all the time – similar to mainstream radio stations. With large playlists, our systems offer much less music repetition compared to public radio stations. This results in a refreshing and ever changing in store broadcast.

As no two businesses and environments are identical, our pricing is calculated directly from the type of music content, advertisement update frequency (if applicable) and number of loctions required. Speak with us today about your ideal retail store music playlist.

Does it really matter what type of in store music we play? (See white paper)

Research shows that playing the right kind of background music playlist for retail has a direct impact on your customers and staff. For example, playing off putting or less suited content to your target, or even worse your competitor’s advertisements via the local radio station can have a negative impact on your business and even drive people away! Also, playing Christmas jingles too early or too frequently in the festive season has proven to be a real turn off!

If your customers can relate and connect with the music, it’s guaranteed to be an investment that pays for itself! Combine that with the ability to run your own in store advertisements and you have a very powerful marketing platform that you can control.

You may [click here] for an interesting read regarding this subject. The accompanying document is thanks to extensive research and efforts of Michael Morrison through Monash University.

Can I pick what retail background music is played in my program?

Absolutely! We have a vast selection of background music for retailers. You can personally choose your music or you can leave it up to our music programming experts who can recommend and craft the ideal mix  for your business. Most of our clients recognise this isn’t their strength, and consequently trust our music selection expertise. This mean they can escape the time consuming and difficult process of music selection.

Who writes our In Store Advertisement messages? Who decides what messages are in my radio program?

In consultation with Evolved Sound’s production specialists, we’re here to steer you in the right direction. We’ll assist to script, record and load the messages directly into your system for optimal and timely playback. In fact, this is what we do each and every day for countless happy clients! You can choose from our pool of professional male and female voice artists. Your in-store advertisements only become final when you’re 100% satisfied. [CLICK HERE] to learn more about our Advertisement Recording Service.

Do I need a sound system in my premises to run your system? What kind of equipment is involved? Do I need expensive antennas mounted on the buildings?

Our retail music playlist systems have a plug and play design. Just plug it into:

  • Your existing sound, PA, speaker system or in store music systems for instant playback. If you don’t have one of these, we can advise on what’s best to purchase and install. To keep your costs to a minimum and ensure it is most appropriately installed, this is best purchased directly by the client and installed using their existing electrician, IT or technical installation people who are experienced and authorised to work within your premises.
  • Your existing internet connection. Each office site should have permanent broadband internet connectivity to run our in store music systems. Our retail background music system is plugged into a standard network router port to allow content updates and administration.

If you don’t have speakers, we can recommend the ideal speaker and amplifier arrangement.

How many advertisements do I get?

If you’ll be utilising customised in-store advertising announcements, as standard we would initiallyrecord 6 to 10 advertisements averaging 15 to 30 seconds in length. Our systems can include a lot more advertisements in the schedule, however this forms a good starting point. Typically, these rotate through one per time after every 10, 15 or 20 minutes for example. In addition, we will provide a Yearly Update Allowance based on how often you require new In Store Advertisements to be recorded and loaded. To ensure you don’t pay more than you need to, it’s important to know how many times per year you would like to record new In Store Messages, and how many new separate messages are required each time you update.

Instead can I just play an Ipod shuffle or the local radio station in my shop?

How often can we change our program and in store advertisement messages?

As little or as often as you want. We have music for shop packages that start with only a couple updates per year, and can extend to monthly or more. This can be tailored to your exact requirements and adjusted at any time.

I’m an extremely busy person. Will this take up a lot of my time?

Not at all! We have turnkey in store music packages that include a choice of ready to go retail music playlists. If you’ll be utilising customised in store announcements, we offer a fast message scripting and recording process. Our systems are designed to be plug & play, requiring minimal cost and effort to be operational. You can rely on Evolved Sound to create that winning continuous sound, so you can focus more on your business!

What happens if my background music equipment fails?

As part of our ongoing supply, if your background music system fails it will be replaced at no charge. All our packages include ongoing support and equipment replacement warranty.

Whether you require non-stop music or music interspersed with your own commercials, Evolved Radio can tailor a station to match your business.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.