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Targeting Other Markets? Use Another Language For Your Videos!


Many marketers have long ago discovered the power of using videos for boosting sales, providing valuable information and increasing brand awareness among potential customers. But the language used for the videos can limit the markets you can attract. Even the use of subtitles isn’t as effective as you may think. So if you’re considering growing […] Continue Reading →

Character Voice Over


Character voice overs are probably the most fun aspect in the voice over industry. It’s also the most difficult to perform and the one of most competitive areas. Performing character voice overs is a specialty because it takes a rare skill to pass off convincingly as a unique, original character. The process of creating a character […] Continue Reading →

Marketing Opportunities in Voice Overs


As a voice over actor, understand that you are part of a huge and competitive industry full of strong voice over talents. This means there’s a lot of you competing for the same jobs. You have to work extra hard to book the best voice over jobs and gigs. One true thing about being a […] Continue Reading →

How to Select the right Voice Over Artist


We at Evolved Sound have a great understanding of Voiceovers and audio production; including, but not limited to: Audio Book Voice Overs, Radio Voice Overs, Male Voiceovers, Female Voice Overs, Script Writing, Talent Search and placement (such as Narrators), and the overall field and relations behind a Voice Over. It is our aim to be […] Continue Reading →