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How and Why Real Testimonials Can Be Included into Your Messages On Hold Recordings


You can use on hold messages to convey information to what’s essentially your captive audience. You can do better than just piping in music as your caller waits for someone from your company to answer. For instance, you can announce a promo and reveal new products and services. But there’s always more and new ways […] Continue Reading →

Pitfalls of Messages On Hold for VoIP Systems


Businesses often upgrade their phone systems because newer technologies tend to be more efficient or cost effective. But sometimes changing systems, such as replacing the onsite PBX analogue phone system to VoIP, isn’t always a win win for all involved. This is why you need to check if your “on hold” messages will work equally […] Continue Reading →

Connecting With Your Callers


Your business needs to make an impression with every call that gets through to your customer service hotline. Surely, nobody likes to be put on hold after waiting in a long queue of callers. This could be easily seen as the customer service representative being totally unaccommodating. However, while this may not be a welcoming […] Continue Reading →