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Sell the Customer Journey and Not the Product


Have you considered the success of companies like Apple, Disney, and Starbucks? When you think about it, the success of Apple isn’t so much about the actual technological features of their products. It’s about how “cool” they are. The same goes for weekend visits to your favourite eatery. The ability to “sell an experience”, however, […] Continue Reading →

Why a Confused Mind Doesn’t Buy


Business owners and managers know that confused potential customers often don’t become customers at all. Confusion is the enemy of a sure sale, and in fact the main challenge of ensuring a sale is to dispel all confusion. Buyers want to be sure. They want to be certain that they’ve made the right choice regarding […] Continue Reading →

Steps to Resilience shared by Mark McKeon


We recently heard acclaimed author and high performance coach Mark McKeon present on some key Steps to Resilence. His presentation was remarkable and I’m pleased to share some of the keypoints that I learnt. Having stress in your life isn’t really the problem. The true problem is when you don’t take the time and opportunity […] Continue Reading →

Surveys for Business Evolution in the Sound Industry


All businesses evolve. They either evolve or they die. By way of an example, Evolved Sound began as a new media, IT and marketing business in 1998. It wasn’t until the potential of new digital audio technologies became clear, coupled with an unprecedented rapid growth, that the company established itself at the forefront of specialty sound services. […] Continue Reading →

Defending Your Revenue Online


The world wide web has presented an excellent opportunity to reach markets globally, especially in the case of Australia and its potential reach to the huge opportunities offered by the English speaking world. The Australian Recording Industry Association reported that streaming led to a 17.6% growth in the digital music market in their 2016 media release. An ugly […] Continue Reading →

Best Platforms to Promote Your Music


This guide will show you some of the best platforms out there on the internet for you to share and promote your music. The internet has massively changed the music industry and anyone who makes music is now able to get their work out there to be shared and listened to. Here is our guide […] Continue Reading →

Should Pinterest or Instagram Be Part of My Marketing Mix?

social media marketing

Social media is increasingly being recognised as an effective medium for engaging with consumers. But which social network should you choose? There are plenty of options, starting with Facebook and YouTube. Now marketing experts are wondering if using other social platforms is necessary too. One of the more common questions they’re asking is: Should Pinterest […] Continue Reading →