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Defending Your Revenue Online


The world wide web has presented an excellent opportunity to reach markets globally, especially in the case of Australia and its potential reach to the huge opportunities offered by the English speaking world. The Australian Recording Industry Association reported that streaming led to a 17.6% growth in the digital music market in their 2016 media release. An ugly […] Continue Reading →

Does Shopping Time Seem Shorter When Accompanied by Top 40 Music Compared to No Music or Classical Music?


There are many reasons why retail stores, department stores and restaurants play music inside their premises. The music can keep the employees from being bored, and it can also attract customers who like the music being played. Additionally, the music can help define the personality of the brand. But an argument can be made that […] Continue Reading →

How Do Genders React to Different Genres of Music Played in Your Store?


Many businesspeople have discovered the many ways in which playing music played store can improve their bottom line. Music helps attract customers to go inside your store, it helps define your establishment’s “vibe”, encourage sales, and alleviates boredom when waiting in line at the checkout counter. But to find the right music, you also need […] Continue Reading →

Stop Letting Competitor Ads into Your Business


Many shop owners know the value of playing music within their premises. They often attract customers to come in, offer a welcoming atmosphere, and will even keep your employees from getting bored. But often some store owners simply just play a local radio station in their shop. While this style does have its advantages—it’s simple […] Continue Reading →