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Hold Messages to Keep Your Customers Happy


In today’s technological business environment, being put on hold as an incoming telephone caller can be time-consuming and frustrating. No one likes to wait for a company representative to finally answer the call after several minutes of waiting. When this happens, customers are often less likely to give your business positive consideration. If you must […] Continue Reading →

How to Select the right Voice Over Artist


We at Evolved Sound have a great understanding of Voiceovers and audio production; including, but not limited to: Audio Book Voice Overs, Radio Voice Overs, Male Voiceovers, Female Voice Overs, Script Writing, Talent Search and placement (such as Narrators), and the overall field and relations behind a Voice Over. It is our aim to be […] Continue Reading →

IVR: Helping Businesses Grow


The technology of the IVR or “Interactive Voice Response” involves computers that interact with callers using DTMF tone input through phone keypads. The IVR technology lets a given company’s customers interact with the host system of the company through speech recognition or through the keypad of a telephone, and through this, do their enquiries through […] Continue Reading →