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Connecting With Your Callers


Your business needs to make an impression with every call that gets through to your customer service hotline. Surely, nobody likes to be put on hold after waiting in a long queue of callers. This could be easily seen as the customer service representative being totally unaccommodating. However, while this may not be a welcoming […] Continue Reading →

The Ways to Rock Your Business


For any  business or enterprise, the challenge lies more in keeping things afloat and the business constantly on the top of the game. The birthing pains are nothing compared to the ultimate challenge of making sure that the business succeeds, that it’s turning in a good profit and the investment doesn’t go to waste.   […] Continue Reading →

2013 Melbourne Small Business Big Marketing Reflections


Evolved Sound was fortunate enough to attend this exciting marketing event. Guest speakers included: Russel Howcroft (Executive General Manager, Network 10), Steve Sammartino (Strategy and Digital Director, Grey Group Australia), Abigail Forsyth (Founder and CEO of KeepCup) and Toby Travanner (The Learning Company). While there was so many fantastic speakers, we have prepared a mish […] Continue Reading →