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The Power of Positive Selling Points


As a business owner, the first thing you need to think about is how to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Not doing so will really limit your chances of success. What you need to do is to find your main and unique selling points. A selling point, in simple words, is a quality or feature […] Continue Reading →

Latest April 2015 Economic Insights – Glimpse the Future of Business by Asher Judah


Summary of key points from Asher Judah’s speech today in Melbourne. During the next 30 years over 3.1 billion people are forecast to join the global middle class. This change in the global economy will create amazing opportunities for Australian businesses seeking to expand their customer base. Mapping data (similar to heat maps of demographic […] Continue Reading →

Customers Will Pay More for Superior Outcomes


Many believe that price is one of the most important factors that people consider before buying a product. That’s the reason why so many brands offer discounts and low prices. But then again, customers also believe that higher prices signify greater value. People think that a university that charges higher tuition is automatically more prestigious. […] Continue Reading →

Why Direct Marketing Is Making a Comeback

Why Direct Marketing is making a Comeback

Marketing underwent a drastic paradigm shift ever since the Internet stopped being a “strange new phenomenon” and became a medium that was taken for granted. At one point, direct marketing—which involved sending actual letters and catalogues through snail mail, telemarketing, and even face to face meetings—were considered passé and ineffective. Online marketing methods through email […] Continue Reading →