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Simply Being Talented is No Guarantee to Business Success


Evolved Sound began its evolution with the realisation that there are more important factors to business success than mere talent. It’s often about effective promotions and presentation, instead of just striving to improve the quality of a product that consumers don’t really know about. And history is replete of examples that amply demonstrate that the […] Continue Reading →

How Do Genders React to Different Genres of Music Played in Your Store?


Many businesspeople have discovered the many ways in which playing music played store can improve their bottom line. Music helps attract customers to go inside your store, it helps define your establishment’s “vibe”, encourage sales, and alleviates boredom when waiting in line at the checkout counter. But to find the right music, you also need […] Continue Reading →

Targeting Other Markets? Use Another Language For Your Videos!


Many marketers have long ago discovered the power of using videos for boosting sales, providing valuable information and increasing brand awareness among potential customers. But the language used for the videos can limit the markets you can attract. Even the use of subtitles isn’t as effective as you may think. So if you’re considering growing […] Continue Reading →