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The Secret Formula to Fantastic Meetings


In a recent business event we learnt some fantastic tips to making great meetings. The event was hosted by Jim Buckell from the Groupwork Institute. We are pleased to share the following points to take to your next meeting. You may have noticed that there are plenty of jokes about the futility and utter uselessness […] Continue Reading →

Why a Confused Mind Doesn’t Buy


Business owners and managers know that confused potential customers often don’t become customers at all. Confusion is the enemy of a sure sale, and in fact the main challenge of ensuring a sale is to dispel all confusion. Buyers want to be sure. They want to be certain that they’ve made the right choice regarding […] Continue Reading →

Steps to Resilience shared by Mark McKeon


We recently heard acclaimed author and high performance coach Mark McKeon present on some key Steps to Resilence. His presentation was remarkable and I’m pleased to share some of the keypoints that I learnt. Having stress in your life isn’t really the problem. The true problem is when you don’t take the time and opportunity […] Continue Reading →