Audio Book & Narration Voice Overs

Evolved Sound has years of experience in producing numerous audio books and narration voice overs. We actively work with multi-national publishers and various media production companies.

Applications for these types of voice overs include:

– children’s audio books

– documentary or vision narrations

– adult audio book narrations

– e-learning voice overs

– vision impaired audio projects

– education books

– instructional narration voice overs

– YouTube / online video ‘explainer’ voice overs

– story time voice overs

– children’s story narration recordings.

We have specialist audio book voice over artists who can quickly connect with your script and make it the most comfortable and engaging experience for the student, customer or end listener. Our demonstration samples below show how there is quite a variance in pace and style between the various reads. We have worked for clients requiring audio book recordings that cater to all ages from 3 year olds, to every academic level there after. Each level requires unique scripting, voicing and studio production techniques for the best outcomes.

As a full audio book production house, Evolved Sound can also undertake the digital recording, editing and mastering service. Our sound engineers ensure that each recording is finalised for optimal playback clarity across a range of speaker and headphone listening devices.

Narrations and digital audio books produced by Evolved Sound have proven to sound exceptional under many different purposes and scenarios. Please contact us to discuss your project.

Our team are always keen to help!

The following are some examples of work we have produced in this area.