Client Testimonials

We would like to thank all our clients for their testimonials and value such feedback. Here are some responses from our satisfied clients. More will be posted soon.

"Your service is exceptional when we compare it to some of the others we have to cope with!"

Alphington Medical Centre

Gray Robinson & Cottrell"I would like to say one more thing - I think you and Evolved Sound are very efficient and very clever at what and how you produce your product. Thank you for your service!"

Gray Robinson & Cottrell

Edge Custom Media"This is brilliant. Please take some time to listen to this as it is spot on and super professional."

Edge Custom Media

Maxima Group"We purchased an on-hold system from Evolved Sound in December 2004 and despite being located in a different city found it quick and easy."

Maxima Group

John Crane"The system has been fine and reliable. In the long term, your product will be more cost effective compared to what we were running in the past through our previous supplier."

John Crane

Northern Health"All is working fine since the on hold system was installed. Although we wouldn't lose too much business if callers hung up, the systems certainly helps them stay connected with us while on hold. The on hold system also gives us a chance to put relevant information forward which assists in pushing our corporate identity."

Northern Health

KCI"We finally had the on hold music system connected by our phone people. It is now working very well and we may look at changing the music down the track too."


Circuit Link International"The MOH software has been great - we tried a CD player but then it died. We tried the radio but it kept drifting off the station. We had silence for ages but then customers didn't know if we'd hung up on them - not good customer service!"

Circuit Link International

Eastern Suburbs Leagues Club"Easts was looking for an alternative to CD based messaging, by having flash based audio we haven't experienced any drop outs or need to change CDs. Just set and forget."

Eastern Suburbs Leagues Club

Technophobia"Thanks for great work in setting up our 'Messages on Hold' within the first 3 days we gained an extra sale, which has paid for the entire cost of the system you put in. The Evolved Sound 'Messages on hold has become an invaluable tool to let our customers know what additional services our company offers and the whole process from script writing to final installation was a breeze."


Agilent Technologies"Since we have been running the on hold system, we have received a lot of positive feedback from our staff. They have said using on hold is a great way to provide customers with information that they don't already know about. We found the order process to be very easy and overall we are very happy with the end result."

Agilent Technologies

Tax Payers Australia Inc."Since implementing our on hold system both members and non-members have commented favourably on what they now hear when on hold. It is a very practical and cheap way to promote our products and services. Evolved Sound were great with the scripting and ensured that all our requirements were met. The end product sounds spot on and gives us a great professional image."

Tax Payers Australia Inc.

SPC Ardmona"I would like to thank Evolved Sound for their professionalism and efficiency in assisting SPC Ardmona produce a new and greatly improved on-hold message. The new message now provides callers with up to date information about new products and general company information."

SPC Ardmona

Choice Hotels Australasia"Although we don't put callers on hold too much, we do receive positive feedback. Callers have said it is good to have some relevant information to listen to while on hold rather than the local radio station. With that in mind, we know when they are placed on hold with the system supplied by Evolved Sound they will be looked after".

Choice Hotels Australasia

Multimedia Victoria"We used the services and purchased on hold systems from Evolved Sound for numerous Government departments. It has been a very good company to work with. The production times have been to schedule and follow-ups were good too. Overall we have been significantly happy with the service and I would give the service a rating of 8 out of 10"

Multimedia Victoria

GAMEHEAD.COM.AU PTY LIMITED"Working with Evolved was great, we choose our voice over artist from the selection of recordings offered on the website. Evolved assisted us with the content of our recording offering insightful input into what makes a message work. The recording was done sooner than expected and we where happy with the review/ feedback process that evolved have in place. It gave us ample opportunity to fine tune the recording to suit our market. We valued our experience with Evolved and have no hesitation in recommending Evolved to others. GAMEHEAD will certainly be using evolved again in the future".


Hume City Councils"We have been using Evolved Sound for our on hold messages for some time now, and would recommend the service to anyone. The recordings are professional and the service we receive is fantastic"

Hume City Councils

Melbourne City Toyota"Since purchasing an on hold software package we have enjoyed the flexibility to mix and match messages at a whim. When there are new promotions or new models arrive, we like the ability to quickly slot in the new recordings, without having to re-record everything again. The ability to provide separate content to different car divisions from one central server has been a very useful feature too."

Melbourne City Toyota

Vic Roads"Thank you for the prompt service and quality product. The sound quality is fantastic and the ability to update our message on such a quick turn around time is great".

Vic Roads

Amcal Pharmacies"I found the system worked great for us. Customers can now enjoy learning about our business while on hold instead of hearing silence. We can also create our own messages to suit our needs for sales or special occasions. Very happy with the system and the efficient installation."

Amcal Pharmacies

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